David Pijor is

a designer and art director living in Richmond, VA. In his “free time” he’s Creative Director and Co-Founder at the Coalition Theater where he teaches, performs, and directs improv comedy. In 2013, David, along with his fellow theater managers, were selected as three of Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40 young standouts of Richmond “who are lifting the community to greater heights.”

David Pijor

David Pijor has

10 years experience of being a serious professional with a diverse background in digital, identity, print and web design, front-end web development, and picking out tasty lunch spots. (Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay’s chicken salad, fruit and cucumbers and a LaCroix. Hollow out the french bread and use it as a pocket like vessel for the chicken salad. You’re welcome.

Past agency experience includes Randall Branding, The Martin Agency and INM United. David also has a passion for fostering collaborative and creative team environments. He’s lead workshops for clients like GE, Altria, and Cloudbees that have focused on using improv as a tool to create judgment free work environments, as well as improve creativity and communication in the workplace.

David Pijor will

frame his diploma one day. It’s a BA from Virginia Commonwealth University where he received the Mass Comm Faculty Award for Creative Advertising.

David Pijor wants

to do great work for you. And a sandwich. He’s available for new work and lunch opportunities in Richmond and beyond.

David Pijor kills

at Tetris.